the motto

by *Nishe

Sarah Awad, Reclining Women, 2013 

Katie Silvester

Double Magazine #27 S/S 2014

riotvn replied to your post: i said i wanted something to eat and m…

you’re perfect and fuck fbjksdfnjksdnfk fuck people who say ypou arent you know what, just punch them in the nose and say maybe they should go to the gym to work off some of their hate and cruelty

its ok i was like u know what bitch you take ur cheap ass chanclas to the gym and stop eating the food I COOK and then maybe if i have time we can talk…and she was like well damn ok 

Anonymous said: I wish I had a body type even remotely close to yours

my ribs are twice the size of my boobs 


Anthony Cudahy, LURK, 2014. Oil on canvas, 26 x 22 in.